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May 17, 2009

On the 5th day of shredding….

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my true love gave to me,
time to get my shred on!

I was lazy and slept in this morning, so my husband was kind enough to take the kids in hand this afternoon so I could get my shred in. He’s been very supportive, despite his penchant for testing my quick-response muscles.

Dare I say it, but I think I’m beginning to “get it.” I didn’t wake up sore this morning. But I did wake up with tons of energy, which I’ve sustained all day long. I decided that I needed to step it up a little and push myself a little more. So I followed Natalie almost the whole workout. Or at least a cross… maybe Natita? I tried with the pushups, but I knew after about number four that I wasn’t getting low enough, so I switched over. On everything else, I was striving for Natalie’s form. Was I as deep into the squats and lunges as her? No, but I was really close. Anyway, I’m really proud that I’ve done this for five days in a row, and don’t have any thoughts of quitting. I AM going to see this through.

I’ve been thinking some about how long I’m going to stay on level 1. I think the intent is to complete the whole DVD in 30 days, which would mean moving on after day 10. But I think I’m going to stick with level 1 until I can do those bloody pushups!

Starting tomorrow morning, I’m going to start paying more attention to my diet as well. Not “diet,” as in on a diet, but rather the food that enters my mouth and sustains my body. I don’t plan to make any real changes — simply be more aware of the portions I serve up for myself, skip the evening snacking I so often find myself mindlessly doing, and limit wine to weekends only.

I want to make a real change here, and doing it in half measures is equivalent to not doing it at all. And I haven’t sweated and strained and winced and moaned for the last five days to end up right back where I started.


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