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June 19, 2009

Home Improvement

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I’ve been wanting, pleading, begging for a new bath and shower since we moved into our house a little more than a year ago. Can you imagine living in a house without a shower? Me neither. Oh, one more thing. The bathroom is pink. PINK. Not little pink accents, not pink curtains. P.I.N.K. Pink. The sink, the toilet, the tub, the tile. When we first moved in, the mirror, the shelf under the sink, the toilet paper holder, the soap dishes — PINK. And plastic to boot. Oh, the floor tiles are a shade of pink as well.

I’m not a pink girl. My husband and two boys are not pink men. We quickly replaced the accessories. But the rest we’ve had to live with. A couple months ago, we finally decided to invest the money into replacing the bath with a bath/shower combo, in refreshing WHITE. Something to lighten the overwhelming pinkness of it all. We’ll slowly and methodically replace the other major fixtures as time goes by.

So, my bathtub two days ago, when I was giving my littlest a bath. Because, really, how exciting is a picture of a tub?

My bathtub today:


My husband’s eye is completely twitching right now. Apparently, the tub is the wrong dimensions for the area. We’re not sure how that happened, as we measured meticulously, and we took the measurements to the store with us when ordering the tub, AND the contractor was out and did a survey of the site, knowing what we were putting in. We have an appointment with the contractor and the store TUESDAY to ORDER a new tub that will fit.

Oh, one more thing. It’s almost July. The height of summer is still to come. And we’re going to be washing up in the sink for at least a few weeks would be my guess.




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  1. Ugh!! I think it’s time for dh to take a vacation with ya’ll to the nearest hotel with showers and big jacuzzi bath tubs!! How sad to have no shower or bath tub…no mattter the season or length of time!!
    Hopefully it will come in soon….

    Comment by Ann G — June 20, 2009 @ 8:56 pm

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