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November 17, 2009

come see me soon!

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I’ve packed up and moved to new digs.  Come join me here:


November 14, 2009

public service announcement

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just a quick note to say I’m not quitting — I’m moving. Blog-wise, that is. My husband pointed out that if I don’t want some cutesy name, I can just piggyback off our home blog. Hopefully by Monday I’ll be up and running. Stay tuned…

November 11, 2009

a fresh start

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When I wincingly stepped on the scale this morning, it did not groan under my feet and cease functioning. No warning lights flashed, no sirens went off.  Today’s weigh in — 170 even.  Not great, but given the abuse I’ve handed my body over recent weeks, not bad.

My plan for this week is simple — get back on track.  Get back to counting calories and watching portions.  Get back to a daily exercise regime.  No huge changes or ultimatums.  Calories in, calories out.  So far this week, I’ve logged a whopping seven miles — that’s a combination of walking and elliptical.  Not huge, but a hell of a lot more than I’ve logged in weeks, so I’m allowing myself a measure of pride.

In December we’re taking the kids to Paris and I’m going to race my husband to the top of the Eiffel Tower (well, the second stage — you can’t actually walk all the way to the top), so I’m on a mission.  It would be a lot easier to beat him if I was carrying…. say, ten pounds less up the stairs with me.  That’s my goal: 160 by December 22nd.

swimming against the current

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I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the word seriously considering breaking up with WordPress and heading back to blogger.  Actually, I love WordPress.  I’m just not fond of some of the restrictions at this host.  And I’m too cheap to actually get my own domain and host, as we’ve done with our other blogs.  At least I think I’m too cheap…

November 10, 2009


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The girls at the Sisterhood — many of them, anyway — just finished training for and running a 5K.  Great job, girls! I am so in awe of you!  And so pissed off at myself.  Their first days of talking about running the 5K were my last days around here.  I got sidetracked, I got busy, I got… caught up in the fact that I wasn’t making progress and let myself slide.  If I’d hung in there, maybe I’d be beaming at having run a 5K, too.

I’ve been beating myself up about this, pretty badly, for nearly a week now.  But no more, I say!  Enough guilt.  Enough woe is me crap.  It’s time to pull up my big-girl panties, do the work, and reap the rewards.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day at the Sisterhood.  I will show up, I will admit to the god-awful number I read on the scale tomorrow morning, and I will start anew.

November 9, 2009

well, that was a mistake

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So, in the past month of not blogging, I’ve gained five pounds.  How in the hell that happened I’m not sure.  Oh, wait! It probably has something to do with the two pints of Ben and Jerry’s I’ve had in the last month.  And a few too many pizzas.  Oh, and the burger I ate last night that had 35 grams of fat.  Before I put cheese and bacon on it.


So after a month of debauchery, I’m sick of myself.  Going to update the blog, head on over to the Sisterhood and get some tough love to get me back on track.

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