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August 24, 2009

vacation, all I ever wanted

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It’s been a difficult week around here.  I’ve been off my game, so to speak.  We leave for vacation on Friday, I’m running around like a madwoman trying to pack and remember everything and make last minute arrangements.  My eating has been off.  My exercise has been WAY off.  Like nearly non-existent.  And I’ve been feeling it.  I’ve been bitchy, and stiff, and out of sorts, and frazzled.  I’m not sure if my sudden aversion to exercise in any form has anything to do with this, but I know I’ve been extremely reluctant to do anything physical the last few days.

Today I cleaned the entire house, top to bottom, which took nearly four hours.  Then I fought with my moody five year old, and decided I might have an aneurysm if I didn’t do SOMETHING to cope with my stress, so I got out the yoga mat.  I only got in 30 minutes, but it did help immensely with my mood.  However, tonight the pesky varicose vein in my right leg, under my knee, is complaining about the sudden onslaught of work after nearly a week of vacation. I need to be more aware of my body and be kinder to it.  While still whipping it into shape.  Sigh… it’s a conundrum.

One monumental decision I’ve made in the last few days: when we return from Scotland, I will no longer be drinking.  At all.  I seem to have an *all or nothing* mentality, and whereas that can be a help or a hindrance in some areas of your life, with alcohol that can be a real problem.  A danger even.  Not that I feel I AM in danger, but I don’t want that to ever become a possibility.  And for me, it’s simply easier not to imbibe than to imbibe on occasion.  It would be, well, stupid, to make a vow of abstinence right before going on vacation.  But when we return, I’ll be sipping herbal tea in the evenings.

I am SO ready for this vacation!  I’m going to curl up with Baron Baptiste’s “40 Days to Personal Revolution” and form a game plan for my return.  I’m also going to curl up with many a trashy romance novel.  I’m going to let my husband cook on occasion, and do the dishes all the time.  We’re going to eat out at least a few times a week (we’re vegetarian, and it’s difficult to eat out, so we self-cater our holidays for the most part).  I’m going to Borders and look for books!!!!!!!!  I haven’t been to a real bookstore in nearly a year (we live in Belgium, and although my French is at about a second grade reading level, that doesn’t feed my brain anything except French).  I’m going to visit with my best friend.  I’m going to see beautiful, awe-inspiring sights, I’m going to play with my kids, I’m going to cuddle with my normally uptight husband.  I am SO ready for this vacation!


July 26, 2009

lies, all lies!

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So, my scale started acting screwing this morning.  I weigh 125!  Hooray!  The battle is over.  Oh, wait, now I weigh 225.  Now 140.  So I replaced the battery.  Now my scale consistently says I weigh 166.5.  That’s two pounds more than it said yesterday, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat half a cow or something in the meantime.  Luckily, the Great Battery Change/Scale Rebellion of ’09 took place between challenges at the Sisterhood, so I won’t have to report this as a gain.  Still.  It sucks.

June 19, 2009

Home Improvement

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I’ve been wanting, pleading, begging for a new bath and shower since we moved into our house a little more than a year ago. Can you imagine living in a house without a shower? Me neither. Oh, one more thing. The bathroom is pink. PINK. Not little pink accents, not pink curtains. P.I.N.K. Pink. The sink, the toilet, the tub, the tile. When we first moved in, the mirror, the shelf under the sink, the toilet paper holder, the soap dishes — PINK. And plastic to boot. Oh, the floor tiles are a shade of pink as well.

I’m not a pink girl. My husband and two boys are not pink men. We quickly replaced the accessories. But the rest we’ve had to live with. A couple months ago, we finally decided to invest the money into replacing the bath with a bath/shower combo, in refreshing WHITE. Something to lighten the overwhelming pinkness of it all. We’ll slowly and methodically replace the other major fixtures as time goes by.

So, my bathtub two days ago, when I was giving my littlest a bath. Because, really, how exciting is a picture of a tub?

My bathtub today:


My husband’s eye is completely twitching right now. Apparently, the tub is the wrong dimensions for the area. We’re not sure how that happened, as we measured meticulously, and we took the measurements to the store with us when ordering the tub, AND the contractor was out and did a survey of the site, knowing what we were putting in. We have an appointment with the contractor and the store TUESDAY to ORDER a new tub that will fit.

Oh, one more thing. It’s almost July. The height of summer is still to come. And we’re going to be washing up in the sink for at least a few weeks would be my guess.



June 2, 2009

beauty and the beast

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The Beauty — some roses from my garden. Trust me, I am NO gardener. Yet they just keep coming.

The Beast — Harry found Liam’s forgotten pot of yogurt.

Boys will be boys, eh?

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